Speech Therapy

Individual therapy
Group therapy
House calls

Treatment focuses:

  • Voice therapy
  • Speech irregularities in childhood
  • Auditory processing and perception disorders
  • Reading and spelling weaknesses
  • Stuttering / blustering
  • Seminars for parents of stuttering children
  • Aphasia and dysarthria
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Laryngectomy

Special courses offered

  • Voice intensive!
    Seminars on the economic use of breath and voice in vocal professions
  • Voice and salt!
    Breath and voice in the salt grotto Saltero Day Spa

Speech therapy conducted by Ms. Langhanke combines the training skills of two professions. Acting and speech therapy are synergistic in voice work and flow into the holistic view of a person and his/her use of voice. Ms. Harder-Heinrich focuses on treating children, since she was trained as both a speech therapist and a social pedagogue. Ms. Thumbeck can hold therapy sessions in Spanish.

Brigida Langhanke
(speech therapist and actress)
Ellen Harder-Heinrich
(speech therapist and social pedagogue)
Johanna Thumbeck
(speech therapist)
Sophie Bretschneider
(speech therapist)
Katrin von Pfeil
(speech therapist and management expert)

E-Mail: logopaedie@praxisverbund-berlin.de
Telephone: (030) 440 30 77 50
Telefax: (030) 440 30 77 66

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