Voice, Speech and Hearing Disorders

For singers and vocal professions

  • Interdisciplinary singer consultation service with singing pedagogue and speech therapist
  • Counseling for vocal professions
  • Expert phoniatric assessments
  • Analysis of vocal fold oscillations
  • Spectral voice analysis
  • Special voice-improving surgery under local and general anesthesia (outpatient and inpatient) for polyps, edemas, granulations, tumors and vocal cord paralysis
  • Laryngeal Botox injections

For children

  • Diagnosis of childhood hearing impairments
  • Diagnosis of impaired speech development
  • Diagnosis of stuttering/blustering
  • Diagnosis of perception disorders – newborn hearing screening
  • Surgery for tympanic effusion, polyps, short lingual and labial frenulum in our operating room

For hearing professions and hearing problems

  • Detailed diagnostic hearing tests for the middle ear, inner ear (OAE) and auditory nerve (BERA)
  • Counseling for ear pressure problems
  • Normal and high-tone audiometry
  • Risk assessment for hearing loss

Tinnitus consultation service
Complete counseling and therapy for acute
and chronic tinnitus

Prof. Dr. med. O. König

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
Phoniatrician and Pedaudiologist
Physician for voice and speech disorders
Allergy physician
Acupuncture physician
Naturopathic physician
ENT radiology
ENT laboratory diagnosis

Outpatient and inpatient surgery
Special vocal surgery
Tinnitus consultation service
Newborn hearing screening
Pediatric consultation service
Snoring consultation service

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Private consultations Weinbergsweg
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